• Ros. Major

    Well here we sit in my beautiful new kitchen. I wanted to say how so very pleased and wrapped I am in this kitchen . I've moved in and couldn't be happier the space is amazing. I want you to know what wonderful contractors you work with. John the stone mason, what a worker and a true descent human being also his assistant whom I didn't get to know but John speaks highly of. Mike the plumber a genuinely descent guy and certainly knows his work and to turn up on a Sunday is mind blowing. I didn't get to meet the electrician but he has done a great job. To have these guys turn up on a Sunday is totally impressive and is also an indication of their loyalty to you as a tradesman. Thank you Mark for your efficiency and communication I cannot speak highly enough of it.There were a few little things on the way that made us concerned but all worked out so very well. The next highlight is the arrival of the chicken feature tile. I cant thank you enough for what you have given us in this home, I would certainly recommend you without hesitation Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Regards, Ros. Major